Friday, July 9, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!! Enjoy your weekend!

1. How do you feel about swimming in public pools (we went swimming today)?

2. Syrup, flavored syrup, jelly, butter or just plain pancakes? (Camden had a pancake this morning.)

3. To Kindle or not to Kindle (or any other electronic book system)...that is the question?

4. What is your favorite "vintage" TV drama?

5. What compliment do people give you the most (it's OK to say it!!)


Sherilyn said...

1. Sometimes I don't mind them and other times I am totally grossed out by what people do there.

2. Any kind of berry syrup is my first choice. My Grandma used to make a killer chokecherry syrup!

3. I can't decide if I would like it or not.

4. I didn't get to watch it when I was growing up (we only got two channels) but I have liked watching The Waltons over the years.

5. Usually it is something about the color of my eyes.

Jane said...

I don't do anything like swimming in public.

2. butter, peanut butter, and syrup. flavored syrup is good but any kind is ok.

3. No idea. I have never even seen one is real life except to look at one in WalMart.

4. Probably Little House on the Prairie or Bonanza

5. I don't usually get compliments about the way I look. Sometimes I get them for my patience, ( don't laugh) or my helpfulness.

Rhonda said...

1. I usually like it and think it's fun to go swimming.

2. Butter and maple syrup

3. Right now, I would say NO to electronic books. I'm old school book. But, I have not tried an electronic book.

4. Little House on the Prairie.

5. Something about my hair.