Friday, July 30, 2010


This is a little game that is popular around here (esp. with the kids!).

1. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

2. Hamburger or hot dog?

3. Cake or pie?

4. Waffles or pancakes?

5. Cookies or brownies?

As your answers in the comments!!


Sherilyn said...

1. Chocolate by itself...vanilla with cake.

2. Hamburger unless I'm at a sporting event then it's a hotdog.

3. Cake...too many fruit pies out there to let pie win this category!

4. Waffles...not even close.

5. Brownies...this is a close one but I'll have to go with the chocolate!

Rhonda said...

1. Chocolate
2. Hamburger
3. Cake
4. Waffles
5. brownies

Nicole Crawford said...

1. Vanilla - good vanilla

2. Cheeseburger unless there is the Polish dog with peppers and onions option.

3. Pie

4. Belgian Waffles

5. Brownies!

melanie said...

1. neither. i like ice cream that has stuff in it...

2. hamburger usually. sometimes a hot dog in addition!

3. cookies...

4. waffles

5. brownies

Angela said...

1. Both
2. Hamburger
3. Cake
4. Pancakes
5. Both

My favorite ice cream of all time is Dove Chocolate Brownie Affair. It has its own personal size. I used to be able to find it at Bakers, HyVee OR Walmart but for some reason they either don't carry it OR the Dove company discontinued it. I'm kinda bummed out about it. I should probably write the company and ask them about it.

I have a hard time choosing between cookies and brownies because they are both really yummy!!

... said...

1. Vanilla
2. Hamburger, but I agree on the sporting-event hot dog
3. Cake!
4. Belgian waffles
5. Is there a such thing as a "brookie?" I think I'd be a fan if so!