Thursday, December 9, 2010


Sam at the ??? Hmm I wonder where??
Sam, Rhonda and I were fortunate to be able to travel to the Big XII championship game last weekend in Dallas.  I was looking forward to it except for the part about being in Texas, surrounded by Longhorn fans.  I know, I know...get over it already right?  Well I was fully prepared to be met with much rudeness and crudeness and cockiness etc. but I MUST CONFESS.  We were treated so nice everywhere we went from our hotel, to the restaurants we ate at (including the Waffle House...yes I finally can say I ate at one) and especially at Jerry's world (the stadium).  It was a very pleasant experience....actually it was a blast! 

Sam and Rhonda outside of Jerry's world
After the VERY disappointing outcome of the game I MUST CONFESS that I wanted to leave the stadium but I just couldn't go until I had the chance to boo (Oh yes I did!) Dan Beebe one more time!!  It was fun.  I don't care if you think it is wrong to boo or not.  I felt better!!  

Then...walking to the car I came very close to getting Sam into a fight.  Three OU fans walked by and taunted us by saying, "Have fun going back to the corn."  (First of all how lame is that line?).  I MUST CONFESS that before I could stop myself I said, "Have fun going back to Oklahoma to marry your sister you hillbilly!"  (Hey, at least I didn't use a certain adjective that Billy C. used back in the day!).  Anyway, they stopped and looked but you see when you are trying to get "back to the corn" you walk really fast and they couldn't catch us!! 

I think that's it.

I feel better!


Angela said...

That is pretty cool that you guys got to go to the game. I'm jealous. I too MUST CONFESS that I really LOVE living in the corn.

Every time I go back to Texas I am happy but it's short-lived. I'm always happier to get back home. I LOVE Nebraska.

Oh don't get me wrong. I LOVE Texas. You know what they say about HOME. Home is where you can ring your longhorn bell no matter how much your neighbors hate it.

Rhonda said...

I MUST CONFESS that I have never liked the cowboys, but after seeing the stadium I considered becoming a fan of Jerry's team for a minute or two..... That place rocked!