Monday, January 31, 2011


I guess no one wants to talk about Tom's nose so how about we go back to talking about how adorably ornery my favorite son is...
Don't you just love his big blue eyes and his dirty face??
  • I asked him who he played with at Sunday School yesterday.  He said he played with hunky dory.  I said who is that and he said I don't know her name but anytime you ask her anything she says hunky dory.  I then asked him if that was the little brown-haired girl he was talking to and he said oh no....she's a dirty blond.  (I have no idea where he learned that term and I informed him that I would prefer he say dark blond instead.)
  • Sat. night he decided to try out the a** word on us.  That earned him some special alone time with daddy in the bedroom.  Don't think he will be saying that again anytime soon.  Glad he tried it out here instead of at school.  The sad thing is that even though I knew he needed some fast and furious discipline, I immediately felt sorry for him and couldn't listen.  Poor little potty mouth.
  • While playing his nintendo ds this weekend he excitedly said, "Mom come look at the technique I'm using on this screen." 
  • This morning on the way to school he asked me why he wasn't already 1 when he was born.  (This followed questions about the way a family member had died some years ago.  I had successfully put an end to that conversation by saying that I would tell him about it when he was old enough to understand.  I was feeling pretty good about deferring that topic when this question popped out and on top of everything, it was extremely icy outside and I really needed to concentrate on driving.)  Anyway, I told him that we don't count the years like that here in the U.S. but that they do count them like that in China.  (Always like to throw in trivia when I can.) I then said that technically when you were born you were really 10 months old because you were alive for 10 months in my tummy.  Which led to the inevitable question, "And just how exactly did I get in your tummy?"  I said, "It's all about the love that dad and I have for each other and the rest we will discuss at another time."  He then said in the most dreamy voice ever, "I'm here all because of love." 
I love that son o' mine.....but I have a feeling I may be having an awkward conversation with his teacher later today. 

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Anonymous said...

oh my word...rolling on the floor. hilarious boy you have...maybe he & ella could have a traveling comedian show together?!?! :)