Wednesday, January 26, 2011


  • Just found out that Sam doesn't like my blog picture and background right now.  He says it is misleading because people will scroll down and think that they are reading the blog of a country girl who writes about making her own butter and such (boy would they be wrong!).  I like the picture and the background....maybe not together though.
  • Camden lost his first tooth.  I don't have a picture of it yet because we have been BUSY!  I don't do well with loose teeth and throw up so I told him to go in the bathroom and wiggle it until it came out.  A few minutes later it was out!!  Tooth fairy even remembered to come. ;-)
  • 2011 will be the year I perfect the ultimate coconut chocolate chip cookie.  Any tips or recipes you have would be appreciated!! 
  • So thankful that Jan. is almost over for another year and that this winter hasn't been as dark and depressing as last year!


Sam said...

A tip for the perfect coconut chocolate chip cookie... leave out the coconut.

Nicole Crawford said...

I read this post on my blog reader and didn't get the picture comment until now. I LOVE the photo - I want to sit under the tree with a good book...until I imagine that it's probably a humid and buggy afternoon. Then it becomes less appealing. :)

The you perfect the ultimate coconut chocolate chip cookie you'll have to pass along the recipe so I can turn it GF. YUM!

melanie said...

i would like the recipe too--i have been wanting to put coconut in everything lately! we had coconut milk in our thai chicken last night.

i like the new picture. it is contemplative and peaceful. and it isn't covered with snow!

Jenny said...

I could skip the coconut cookies, but I'll definitely help you make butter sometime! You don't have to be a farm girl to do it!