Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today while I was at work I read the story of a little girl that was recently brought in to our emergency shelter.  There are many sad cases that come to our agency but her case caught my eye as she was almost the exact same age as my little girl.......10 years old.  The surprising thing about her situation and the thing I'm having a hard time letting go of tonight was the reason she was there.  Usually kids come to the shelter because they have been hurt in some way but the police had to bring her to us as she had physically assaulted her mother......beat her mother up.  I just can't wrap my mind around what had probably led a 10 year old to that place, to the place of raising her fists against her mom.  God only knows what her young life has been like up to this point, how many times the physical or mental abuse has been against her.

I gave my little girl an extra hug tonight and told her how thankful I am for her!  My kids have never gone a day in their lives without me telling them that I love them and that God loves them.  How I wish that were true for all the kids in the world....but sadly it is not.  I'm thankful that there are places like Children's Square U.S.A. to take in these kids that need help but that seems a little hollow so I'm praying that the Father will draw all of these children close to Himself.

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