Friday, April 1, 2011


1.  What is your favorite new car out on the market?

2.  Have you ever changed your own oil?

3.  Do you participate in this farce of a holiday...that is April Fool's Day?  (Not my favorite day if you can't tell!)

4.  Pepperoni pizza....Do you like your pepperonis on top of the cheese or under the cheese? (Hey this ain't brain surgery people!)

5.  Did you just cringe when I used the word ain't?  Be honest!

This is kind of a weak addition of 5 question Friday.  I apologize for has been a very LONG week!

Happy Weekend!


Sherilyn said...

1. I saw something today by Ford that was cute....I didn't catch the name was kind of a boxy looking suv.
2. No but I'm thinking about learning.
3. NO....HATE IT!
4. I think I like them on top.
5. ;-)

Sam said...

1. PT cruiser

2. Yes, I used to do it all the time when we were first married, but it got harder and harder to find some where to dispose of the used oil.

3. Yes, I think if the jokes and pranks are done with good taste and do not hurt anyone then it is ok.

4. I like it on top!

5. Yes.

sotawalkers said...

1. 2011 anything that can pull a boat and make it thru MN snow...Susie. 2011 Camero. Gunmetal Grey...Mike.
2. Not me...Susie. Yes....Mike.
3. Carly....yes. The rest of us no. Hate it also!
4. Under the cheese. Mike, no pepperoni.
5. Susie....yes. Not as bad as incorrect English. "Can I have some of them carrots?" lol

Rhonda said...

1. No clue
2. No.
3. No. Unless I'm the one unknowingly getting pranked.
4. under the cheese
5. I cringed and I'm not sure pepperonis is correct either. It might be one of those plural words without the s.

Jenny said...

1. I know the Ford SUV-ish car you're talking about. There is one in my neighborhood that has red sides and a white top - looks like a family-friendly Cooper.
2. No. Don't plan on it, either.
3. No, but how did my 6 yr. old manage to fool me?
4. Under.
5. Yes. Or should I say, "yeppers?" Would that bother you? :)

The Farmer's Wife said...

1. I ♥ the Ford Edge. It is a little small for us, so we got a Ford Expedition.
2. NOPE, that is what Mike is
3. Yep, but not every year
4. I like some on the bottom AND the top.
5. It ain't that bad that you use