Monday, January 31, 2011


I guess no one wants to talk about Tom's nose so how about we go back to talking about how adorably ornery my favorite son is...
Don't you just love his big blue eyes and his dirty face??
  • I asked him who he played with at Sunday School yesterday.  He said he played with hunky dory.  I said who is that and he said I don't know her name but anytime you ask her anything she says hunky dory.  I then asked him if that was the little brown-haired girl he was talking to and he said oh no....she's a dirty blond.  (I have no idea where he learned that term and I informed him that I would prefer he say dark blond instead.)
  • Sat. night he decided to try out the a** word on us.  That earned him some special alone time with daddy in the bedroom.  Don't think he will be saying that again anytime soon.  Glad he tried it out here instead of at school.  The sad thing is that even though I knew he needed some fast and furious discipline, I immediately felt sorry for him and couldn't listen.  Poor little potty mouth.
  • While playing his nintendo ds this weekend he excitedly said, "Mom come look at the technique I'm using on this screen." 
  • This morning on the way to school he asked me why he wasn't already 1 when he was born.  (This followed questions about the way a family member had died some years ago.  I had successfully put an end to that conversation by saying that I would tell him about it when he was old enough to understand.  I was feeling pretty good about deferring that topic when this question popped out and on top of everything, it was extremely icy outside and I really needed to concentrate on driving.)  Anyway, I told him that we don't count the years like that here in the U.S. but that they do count them like that in China.  (Always like to throw in trivia when I can.) I then said that technically when you were born you were really 10 months old because you were alive for 10 months in my tummy.  Which led to the inevitable question, "And just how exactly did I get in your tummy?"  I said, "It's all about the love that dad and I have for each other and the rest we will discuss at another time."  He then said in the most dreamy voice ever, "I'm here all because of love." 
I love that son o' mine.....but I have a feeling I may be having an awkward conversation with his teacher later today. 

Friday, January 28, 2011


****disclaimer...This post is not deep nor does anything in it have eternal implications....I just want to rehash some of the things I read in my People today.  For the record, I do not condone the lifestyles of many of the rich and famous nor do I idolize them in any way.  That being said, I do enjoy reading about them, seeing what they wear, and discussing all of this with friends.  If that describes you then join the discussion if not then come back tomorrow!! :-)

So I was reading my People today at the gym, looking at all of the pictures from the Golden Globes and I just wish somebody....anybody could tell me what is so great about Angelina Jolie.  Most men I know think she's the cat's meow and I just don't get it.  I personally don't find her overly beautiful (that sounds mean and I don't mean it to) and I don't think she dresses that great either.  (I didn't care for the green dress she wore to the Globes?)  Yes, she "seems" to be a devoted mom but I wonder how many nannys and other helpers actually care for her children.  Anybody who could make Brad Pitt into someone who braids beads in his beard is suspicious!!  If I were styling her I would suggest a tan and some highlights in her hair. 

Does anyone think Tom Cruise's nose is getting bigger?  As a student of noseology, I think it is. Coming from a family that has a very distinctive nose on one side, I feel qualified to comment on this.  As we age I think that noses do get bigger and change and I think his is.  I've never really noticed it before and now it seems to really be pronounced. (Can't find a picture of it to use for a picture of tom cruise at days of thunder reunion and you'll see what I mean).

Love this dress but don't really know who the actress is.  Could live without the shoes though.

Jesse James is engaged to the tattoo addict Kat Von messed up dude!  On the same note.....Sandra, I know you are trying to move on but bangs are not the way to do it!!

Regis is retiring....we just got him back here in Omaha a couple of weeks ago and now he's leaving.  That's a bummer.  I really like the first 15 minutes of that show. 

Happy Friday's the rodeo for us tonight!! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I almost forgot.  There has been some change in Camden's career path.  He had told his class earlier this year that he wanted to be a pastry chef (this due to only really liking to eat carbs and sweets) but now he has changed his mind.   He has decided that he wants to be a GAME SHOW HOST! 

I guess he does kind of look like Guy Fieri. 


  • Just found out that Sam doesn't like my blog picture and background right now.  He says it is misleading because people will scroll down and think that they are reading the blog of a country girl who writes about making her own butter and such (boy would they be wrong!).  I like the picture and the background....maybe not together though.
  • Camden lost his first tooth.  I don't have a picture of it yet because we have been BUSY!  I don't do well with loose teeth and throw up so I told him to go in the bathroom and wiggle it until it came out.  A few minutes later it was out!!  Tooth fairy even remembered to come. ;-)
  • 2011 will be the year I perfect the ultimate coconut chocolate chip cookie.  Any tips or recipes you have would be appreciated!! 
  • So thankful that Jan. is almost over for another year and that this winter hasn't been as dark and depressing as last year!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

30 HOURS...

A night at a motel complete with 2 hours of swimming in Grand Island

A very nice visit with dear Aunt Vera in Burwell

A wrestling meet (haven't been to one of those for about 24 years) to watch "little" Sam in Atkinson

A meal at a small town steakhouse in Clearwater

A big surprise at seeing Miss Nebraska win Miss America (watching it) in Omaha

We have circled the state and had a very full weekend and it is only Saturday night!!  You can get a lot done in 30 hours! 

Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's been a long time since I've thought about my friends Nancy, George, and Bess.  You too Donna and Trixie and Cherry.  And of course there's Anne and Emily (well not so much Anne as I try to spend a week or so with her every winter!).

By Nancy of course I mean Nancy Drew (and her friends Bess and George).....the upstanding, loyal, detective.

By Donna I mean Donna Parker (and her friend Ricky)....the high-schooler who had friend trouble, and family trouble, and boy trouble. 

By Cherry I mean Cherry Ames (I don't think she had the same friends in all the books)....the dark-haired, rosy-cheeked, very caring nurse/detective (who I always pictured looking like a grown-up Donna Parker).

By Trixie I mean Trixie Belden (and her friends Di and Honey).....the "slightly more spunky than Nancy" detective who was always getting into scrapes.

And last but definitely not least the beloved Anne (and her friend Diana) of Green Gables and the more mysterious and only slightly less beloved Emily (and her friend Ilse) of New Moon. 

They seem like friends....friends from my youth....friends who I definitely spent many, many hours voraciously reading about! 

FINALLY much to my great delight, sweet Claremarie has discovered Nancy.  I have been trying to get her to read these books for quite a while and the suggestion has finally become a reality.  She can't get enough of them!! 

Can the rest be far behind?