Friday, March 23, 2012


What I learned at the Hunger Games premiere last night.....
  • Even being at the movie theater for 4 hours, I still couldn't finish a large diet coke.
  • When you are old and are planning on staying up until 3am, you should really try to get a nap in sometime during the day.
  • No matter how long you have been married it is still fun to do something different.
  • I was prepared to have to deal with loud, annoying teen-agers all night but they were all so nice and as soon as the movie started were quiet.
  • Sometimes things work out and you snag 3 seats (Sam, me, my purse) in the front row of the upper level.  You know the seats....the one with the foot rest!! 
  • I have no concept of ages anymore.  They all looked like jr. high kids to me.
  • When watching a movie with teens, be prepared for laughter in strange and sometimes inappropriate places. 
  • The kids really loved the Effie Trinkett character.  Every time she spoke they laughed.
  • I had been obsessing about how much shorter Peeta was than Katniss before the movie started.  Once the movie started,it didn't really matter.
  • Who says kids are insensitive?  The young man sitting next to Sam lost it when Rue....well you know if you read the book.
  • It was so fun to watch a movie with people who weren't scared to clap, boo, or cheer.  I think that's fun! 
  • The previews before The Lorax are much, much different than the previews before The Hunger Games.
  • Every movie coming out in the next few months has something to do with vampires.  (Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a vampire slayer?   Neither did we!).
  • When you are 40 something and you go to a movie geared towards 15-somethings, wearing a movie-themed shirt does NOT make you cooler.
  • Sam totally reverted last night.  He was waving at people, giving every one he saw wearing a District 12 tribute t-shirt the Hunger Games salute, and heckling teens.  Lucky for him I was there and stopped him from putting on one girls' bread placard (that was evidently a tribute to Peeta). 
  • You know you are old when you turn and give your spouse a high five every time someone older than you comes into the theater (for the record that only happened about 5 times and we were in a 500 plus person theater).

 Happy Friday!
May the odds be ever in your favor!

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