Sunday, September 2, 2007


Last Sunday the kids and I traveled to Kearney
for a gathering of my mom's family. My cousin Kristina is home from China for a while and my aunt and uncle from Tennessee also were here to visit we Nebraska folk!! After I told Claremarie that we were going she was so excited all week to see her "cousins". Actually, they are her second cousins, my cousin's children. Every day during the week she would say when do I get to go see my cousins, I can't wait to see my cousins, etc. For her birthday her Uncle Troy gave her a tie dye craft kit. We decided to make some shirts before school started and right away she said, "Can I make one for each of my cousins?" I thought that was so sweet of her so of course I agreed. I'm posting a picture of them all in their shirts. Anyway, the point of this story is that they all had a great time together that day. I know Claremarie and Camden especially enjoyed it. However, I feel sad for them that they may never have any first cousins (NO! Rhonda I'm not giving up hope!). My cousins (12 on my mom's side and 57 (yes first cousins) on my dad's side) have always meant so much to me that I really want my kids to experience the cousin relationship too. I'm not sure that Claremarie and Camden are as important to their second cousins as their second cousins are to them but I'm glad they are in their lives to give them a taste of how special "cousinship" is. I'm so very thankful for each of my cousins!! The definition of a cousin is one who is "a child of one's aunt or uncle". I have found my cousins to be so much more than that. Throughout my life they have been my childhood and adult playmates, people who I have looked up to, confidants, and most of all friends. What a blessing to have people in my life who have so many of the same life experiences (and weird relatives :-)) that I have. I'm not sure that I have ever let them know the way I feel so.....COUSINS this post is for all of you. I love you guys!!

The Taylor Cousins are the picture on the top of the page. The Holmes Cousins are the picture on the bottom of the page. Please see the pictures on the right also!!


Lisa said...

We enjoyed the "cousins" post. Thanks! There is no difference to Rachel, either, between first or second cousins. :) I even heard her refer to Rhonda as "Aunt Rhonda". I hope our family always remains this close to one another.

Sher said...

I hope so too Lisa!! Thanks for posting.

Rhonda said...

I feel the same way about cousins. Thanks for the nice post.

Debbie said...

I love that the cousins have always been close. Thanks for the "cousins" post, and I really enjoy your blog.