Saturday, September 8, 2007


I woke up this morning (late, because both kids decided they needed to be up from 1-3am last night) excited to read the game day sports section but instead was surprised, pleasantly I might add, by what I saw on the front page. According to several sources who talked to the Omaha World Herald, Chuck Hagel is resigning on Monday and will not seek re-election to the Senate or make a run for President. I respect the man for his military service BUT listening to him for the last few years has just been painful and infuriating. I'm all for politicians who want to speak their mind but he just went too far in the things he said, especially about the war. It always felt like he was speaking out of turn and just trying to get himself on TV and of course he always had willing accomplices in the media. They never turn down a soundbite from a republican who is speaking out against President Bush. When I would see Hagel blabbering on TV, I definitely didn't feel like he was representing me, a member of his constituency, at all. Some of you may ask, "But what if a democrat gets elected to his seat?" To that I say well then at least we will know what we are getting instead of some "poser". Of course some of you may say that all politicians are "posers" and you may have a point, but that will be debated on another post!!


Holly said...

amen sister...he was embarrassing and I am not even a NE voter.

Melanie said...


i wish you were here to tell me who to vote for in chicago! i didn't know hagel well but i thought the "april fool's" big announcement was terrible!