Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Out of the Darkness

Sherilyn, Sam, and Anthony watching the National Championship Game in Jan. 1996
On September 16, 2007 I will be participating in the Out of the Darkness walk. The purpose of this walk is to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness. As many of you know I lost my cousin, Anthony Grothen to this several years back.

What I like about the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is that they are doing reseach to get a better understanding of the psychosocial, clinical, epidemiological, neurobiological and genetic aspects of suicide. They are trying to determine why suicide occurs and how best to prevent it. They are also publicizing the magnitude of the problems of depression and suicide, advocating for polices and legislation that can help prevent suicide and working to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. In addition, they work with survivors of suicide.

I feel it is a worthy cause and certainly one that means a lot to me. Please feel free to view my webpage or the Out of the Darkness website for more information.

Anthony was one of a kind. We had many great times together. We were so sad to lose him but we know that he fought as hard as he could against his illness. We also know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we will see him again someday!


Holly said...

what a cool way to put meaning to his hurt.
suicide has always been something that has baffled me...

Debbie said...

What a great idea! I love that you are doing this in memory of Anthony.

The Myatt Fam said...

very cool, sher. but i have to say something unrelated. what a pic of you and sam!! that is priceless.

seriously, thanks for being a great family member to anthony and for supporting this important cause. my grandfather (dad's dad) died like Anthony. from my understanding there were a variety of psychological issues caused by his medications that caused depression and eventually caused his suicide.

we love you!

Rhonda said...

This sounds like a good organization. Maybe next year we could have a family team!

Dorothy & Gene Beck said...

Hope the walk went well today! That was a great picture of you and Sam and Anthony. I had not seen that one before.