Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HAPPY 2009!!

This blog is going dark for the next week. (Sam doesn't think I can go technology free for 5 days and he's right but I did compromise and say I would not do any blogging or blog checking.) We are going to celebrate with my family over New Year's and they have no high speed connection so by the time I can get on-line it will be time to come back home anyway. Stay tuned for new posts in 2009 including: Our favorite Christmas memories of 2008 and Sam posting his top 5 most unbelievable retail stories. There might also be a post to get all you lurkers out of hiding. Maybe I'll even bribe you with a prize. You know how much I like prizes!!
Signing off until 2009!


Anonymous said...

I admit I was one of the slow ones to start checking your blog (I marked it as a fav. when I finally logged on to see the pictures you posted from Nat's wedding). However, I am now a regular! I am SO glad I did not miss the Camden goldfish story!

I hope you had a wonderful time in Hersey for New Years! I have wonderful memories of celebrating New Years there! Aunt Arlene would ring in the New Years with New York and then head back to North Platte. Brad usually had some fire works stashed that he would light off and there was always a big game of monopoly or risk going on in some part of the house.

As I am reminiscing about that brings back a flood of memories for me. The memory of Grandpa calling Sam in your dating years "Hungry Sam" is making me lol right now. The year it rained when we celebrating Sunrise service at one of the sandpits when Brad told Lisa he was going for the "wet dog" look. I still can't get caught in the rain without thinking about that!

I can't image what my childhood would have been like without my cousins! THANK YOU!

Happy New Year!

Love, Angie

The Millers said...

So have you made it five days yet??? I love my iphone so I can take my email with me! But bummer when I can't get a signal in the boonies!

Angela Stevens said...

Happy New Year!! :)