Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tonight I was going to blog about how disturbed I am about all that is going on in the world and the idiocy that is constantly on display.....Nah, too depressing and dreary.

Then I was going to blog about how much work it is to pack for my small family, for a week long trip and how the mom has to do all the work.....Nah, I'll be thankful that I have a family to pack for and that we get to take a vacation this year.
I thought about blogging about the musical WICKED (we saw it last night), but most people I know have seen it or are going to see it so that would be repetitious now wouldn't it?

So how about this. I don't have a lot of plants in my landscaping that bloom but today seeing these beautiful flowers just made me happy. (They made my neighbor happy too. I made her come look at them. She now officially thinks I have completely lost it!!)

I love the deep, rich color of this clematis. (I know this picture isn't stellar.) Sam helped me rig it up so it is finally climbing. Isn't it beauteous? Notice all the buds so it will only get more beautiful, provided we don't have a bad storm or that Camden doesn't pour gasoline on it.
And, of course you can always count on the peony to brighten your day. Their sweet smell and cheerful (yes, I think they are cheerful don't you?) blooms are wonderful (yes I know they have a lot of ants on them but ants are God's creatures too and as long as they are on the peony they aren't in your I right or am I right?). You really can't kill peonies either. I know because I've chopped them off and mowed them, yet still they live!!

NO!! I am not heavily medicated right now (just in case you were wondering).

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you showed some pictures of your flowers. They are truly beautiful. And yes, it would not be good if Camden poured gasoline on them!! Grandma can attest to that!! :-)