Friday, May 29, 2009


Let's hash this out once and for all. How much is too much to pay for a hair cut? My stylist is great (I think-please don't judge her by the way I style my hair.). I have been with her for 9 years and have moved with her 3 times. When I started going to her I was pregnant with Claremarie. We have gone through 4 pregnancies together and several miscarriages (hers). We have shared losses with each other as well. She knows my kids and husband and we are even friends on facebook and my space. We also share the same faith. As far as hair goes, she cares about what I want and never lets me leave the salon looking bad. I appreciate that because recently when she was on maternity leave I was sent out of the salon looking like a wreck! My hair is also very thin so she does certain cutting techniques with it to maximize the minimal!

When I started with her I think I paid $28.00 for a cut and style. Yes, I pay for the style even though I know I could do it myself. Now it is up to....I almost hate to say how much.....$50.00, not counting the tip. That is a killer. Since I have a short, very style specific hair cut I have to get it done every 4-5 weeks to keep it looking right and I can't just walk into great clips to get it trimmed. It needs texturizing!!

I understand that hair cutting is a craft and one that she has mastered quite well and I believe with every fiber of my being that people should be rewarded for their skill but it sure would be nice if there were some kind of grandfather clause!

So, am I paying too much (remember, this isn't a one length do that gets trimmed once a year) or is it worth it for everything I mentioned above? Does anyone out there pay almost as much? I'll ask one more time...How much is too much?


Holly said...

very particular about my hair cuts.
I DO NOT bargin shop here.
I pay good money for the best cut.

$50 is too much.


that's ridiculous.

I go to a very upscale salon that has been in Omaha for many years and their owner, it's top stylist, doesn't even charge that.

I do pay $38.
not a huge difference, but enough.
and she is one of the senior people there.

there's my two cents....or $38 ;-)

Jenny said...

That's a tough one. My salon charges $35-$40 for a cut, before tip. Is $50 too much? Probably. But it is SO HARD to find someone that can cut hair - especially if it needs lots of extra TLC.

I'm curious...what do you pay for coloring? That's where I always feel the pain!

Sherilyn said...

Holly-This lady also is the co-owner of her salon and she is a national trainer and speaker for tigi hair products so she does know her stuff. Maybe I can bargain with her and talk her down even $5. That would at least feel better. That $50 charge just put me over the edge.

Jenny-I only do color every two or three visits and even then I only do a partial highlight and lowlight. (Not sure how much longer I'll be able to hide the gray with that.) With a color, cut and style it costs me about $110. Again, probably way too much. Actually, I could probably live with someone else doing my color if I could still have my girl do my cut.

Angela (I am Pooped) said...

My cut, color and style usually runs me in the $100.00 range. BUT, I only get my hair done twince a year. If I am craving a trim I go to Great Clips.

Jennifer C said...

I would definitely ask for a "discount". Nine years is a VERY loyal customer. I have VERY thick hair that takes extra time to cut and style and I pay $35 to the owner of the salon. Just my humble opinion;)

Jane said...

Sherilyn, I just got my hair cut and texturized and colored and highlighted and syled for $60 before the tip. I have a very good cosmotologist also. She is only 22 but does a great job! She works at Krazy Kutz in Ord. My friend in Houston pays $150 for her cut and color.

Mark said...

I do not know why I'm commenting on women's hair, but one of my biggest pet peeves is haircut tips. If it is just a few dollars, then ok, but some pay up to 25% and for a haircut that is $100, that would be an additional $25?

$25/hour for a haircut should be good. So if supplies were $10, bandaid for $0.50 to stop the bleeding when she nipped her finger, garbage bag to remove the hair $1.00(though $50, you should ask for the hair back when you leave), and a reasonable tip $5.00.

That would be a grand total of $41.50. You can always call the Dave Ramsey show and ask what would his wife Sharon do.

Just my thoughts.
from your cousin