Monday, May 25, 2009


It's disney, disney, disney around here as the time quickly approaches for our trip, but we have been up to a few other things as well.

Claremarie is officially a 4th grader. We are sad to see 3rd grade come to an end since it was such an awesome year for her. Mrs. Lessley was a wonderful teacher and other than the few learning experiences we had regarding friendships, it was a problem-free year. This is a picture of her from the last day of school (the sun was in her eyes). Her report card was good as were her SAT scores but I think the thing we were most proud of was the amount of Scripture she learned this year. Her teacher wrote the reference to a Bible passage on her report card (Psalm 119:9-16) and when I asked her if she knew the verses she recited them to me.

Aunt Arlene found time to cut both the kids' hair while we were visiting this last weekend. Claremarie got a lot cut off. She had been growing it out, saying how much she wanted long hair. That lasted until I started french braiding it. I think she got tired of me pulling it tight and decided to get it chopped. My baby got his head buzzed. Bye bye curls.

Sam has had a rough month at work with personnel issues and other things I can't really talk about on a blog (ask me if you want to know more). Also, the friend who he shaved his head for unexpectedly died in his sleep a couple weeks ago so that has hit the store hard. He is also working A LOT of hours during this busy time which means the kids and I are having A LOT of together time.

Both kids are doing the baseball/softball thing this summer so that will be fun (yes, I said that with a straight face).

That's the Park update. Nothing too exciting, just life.

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Rhonda said...

Enjoyed spending time with you all over the weekend.