Friday, May 7, 2010


Happy Friday!

Let's keep things light and fun today (if you want heavy read the paper or listen to the news).

Since there are millions of blogs I'm sure this has been done somewhere before (so if you created this idea then post a comment and take the credit) but it sounds like fun to me today. I know you are all busy but if you are reading this blog take a minute and post your answers! We all want to know.

I sure hope this isn't the day I have no readers!

1. Where are you going for your summer vacation this year?
2. Admit it you like reality TV....what's your favorite reality show?
3. Have you ever seen the movie JAWS?
4. Blizzards...the ice cream concoction. What's your favorite and how many do you anticipate eating this summer?
5. What is your newest favorite song? (I need some new ideas for music!)

My answers:
1. Colorado
2. Tie between Survivor and Amazing Race
3. No but I'm going to on 5/21 when it shows on a big screen in Omaha.
4. Current fave is French Silk comment on the second part.
5. New favorite album is Toby Mac's Tonight

Your turn!


Rhonda said...

1. Colorado
2. I can only pick one? I like Amazing Race, Survivor and American Idol. I also like the Deadliest Catch.
3. Yes. I have watched parts of it at least. Not sure if I've ever watched it clear through.
4. I like a reese's peanut butter cup blizzard with chocolate ice cream. I am going to try to limit myself to 1 or 2 this summer.
5. Right now I really like the song Awake and Alive by Skillet, Lead Me by Sanctus Real, and Fight Another Day by Addison Road.

Sherilyn said...

Katie answered the questions on her blog

Beth said...

1.Seabrook Island, SC
2. Biggest Loser, American Pickers
3. I think so but I only remember parts of it.
4. Not really into blizzards but I like their buster bars.
5. Hold Us Together by Matt Maher

Sam said...

Boulder, Colorado

Survivor, Go Russell!


Ooeey Gooey Caramel Brownie. I will try to keep it under 20.

Get Back Up- Toby Mac
Revolation Song- P,K and D

Melody said...

1. 2 week old so no vacation
2. Survivor....Want Russel to win. Love him or hate him he's good at Survivor.
3. Just scenes
4. Peanut Butter Cup. 0 for this summer. Baby can't tolerate dairy....can you say test in self-control??
5. Need You Now by Lady Antabellum...this is very strange for me. Can't remember the last time I could even name a popular song. Not the kind of music I would normally like but for some reason am addicted to it.

Jane said...

Ice Road Truckers
Yes, went on a date with Mary Lynne and Charlie when I was in high school
the ooey gooey brownie or mint chip
Don't really listen to anything. Listen to Christian radio and love some songs but don't know the names.

Nicole Crawford said...

okay, so it's almost the next friday but i want to play anyway.

1. Still trying to decide...Colorado, Badlands, road trip???
2. Amazing Race & American Idol - I still can't decide between Lee and Crystal.
3. YES! How have you never seen it? Big screen would be fun. I saw JAWS in 3D on the big screen. Not the same.
4. My favorite Blizzard used to be chocolate covered cherry but now I get McFlurry's - no gluten issues.
5. "Haven't Met You Yet" - Michael Buble from Crazy Love CD. I'm in need of some new music too!