Tuesday, May 18, 2010


we need to set some new ground rules around here.

In the last two weeks he has...

  • Mixed together all the lotion and shampoo in our guest bathroom (a Mother's Day present)

  • Poured water on a picture which in turn caused the frame to rust which I didn't find until it stained a bookcase

  • Used my cuticle oil to "polish" everything in my bathroom

  • Painted Claremarie's lip gloss all over her book shelves and then put books on top of it so we wouldn't see it

  • Spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom one morning. When I finally decided to check on him (silly me...I thought he was going), I found him conducting an experiment with 20 dixie cups on the counter, each with a sheet of toilet paper on top of them. He was trying to see if water would go through the toilet paper. There was water EVERYWHERE!

  • Hid the remote controls

  • Poured out all of Claremarie's shampoo

  • Used marker to draw on the cement floor in our basement

  • Watered his cup of grass on the windowsill in his bedroom which really means he watered his bedroom

and tonight

I found him in the garage with a can of spray paint. (Caught him before any damage was done!)

Maybe we don't need new ground rules as much as better supervision. He graduates from preschool tomorrow and I better be ready to entertain the child this summer!!


Joyce said...

What a cutie and now a preschool graduate!!

Ryan and Katie said...

Whew! He is on a roll! It's amazing what problems those boys can create. Today I caught Zac climbing up a stop sign pole. I didn't know I needed to tell him not to do that!

Anonymous said...

I have to say thanks for the laugh today (sorry!) I think if Ella & Camden we're to hang out that list would be TWICE as long! :) They would for sure be partners in crime...