Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 IN PICTURES....

I'm under no delusions of my photographic ability but every once in awhile I capture some good are my favorites of the year!

The hero for carrying off one of the many rabbits that torment me!

The rents and the kids at the rodeo!

Easter egg hunt!!  Love their anticipation!

Sweet Noah....Just a swingin'!

Classic 4th of, white, and blue, watermelon, a picnic in the park and happy smiles!

It was so fun to actually capture a picture of a firework!

We finally got my Dad to go tanking through his beloved Sandhills.

So fun to watch CM pitch last summer.


Cam was trying to give his big sis a thank-you kiss after he opened her gift to him. 

GOOD BYE (and good riddance) 2011

This picture showcases two of my favorite things.....sunsets and the beauty of Nebraska!

2012......BRING IT!!

We wish you all a very blessed New Year!


Sam said...

great blog!! brought back a flood of great memories of the year. Great photography. Should be in a magazine.

The Farmer's Wife said...

I love the firework picture!!!!! Totally agree with GOOD RIDDANCE 2011!!!!!