Monday, December 19, 2011


Welcome to top 5 week. Feel free to play along by leaving your own list or comment.

Top 5 Christmas just doesn't taste like Christmas without these.

5. Reese's bells-These are a new addition to the list. They are tasty little morsels that are way better than just a regular pb cup.
4. Crab Dip-Sam's favorite and mine too!
3. Homemade popcorn balls-The kind my Grandma used to make. The ones with corn syrup not marshmallows. They are so good. The kids and I are planning on making some soon!
2. My mom's frosted sugar cookies-Hers are so good. Mine never turn out as well but I'm not giving up!
1. My m-i-l's prime rib for Christmas Day dinner-No explanation needed!


Clarebear said...

1. Peanut butter balls- So delious
2.Popcorn balls the best treat ever defenatly have to have those
Ice cream dessert-awesome
4. Suger cookmies- a hloiday tradition
5.Ice cream cake rolls- like my Grandma makes.

Sam said... rib and real mashed potatoes

2. crab dip

3. egg nog

4. soft ginger snap cookies

5. shrimp cocktail

Rhonda said...

In no particular order:

1. Dried beef rolls
2. Mom's cheese ball
3. homemade popcorn balls
4. peanut butter cookies with chocolate stars
5. peppermint ice cream