Friday, January 23, 2009


For as many Husker football games as we've attended over the years, neither Sam nor I had ever been to a Husker men's basketball game. We decided to go last Sat. night. It was fun to get dressed up in our big red gear again. We were having a bit of withdrawal. Occasionally the kids will ask when they get to go to a football game with us. Quite frankly, neither of us is all too thrilled at the thought of that. First of all that means one of us has to give up our ticket. Second of all we don't have enough money to buy the amount of concessions it would take to keep them entertained for 4 hours. Third, they would get bored and wouldn't fully appreciate what they were watching. It would be different if either one of them had actually shown an interest in football. We did decide to take them to the BB game and we didn't even hear the first "I'm bored." until there was only 1.3 seconds left in the first half. That's not too bad. Nothing an order or nachos and a bag of skittles didn't solve. But a basketball game is much shorter than a football game. I think it is going to be a few years before they get to Memorial stadium. By the way, we had a great time and saw an awesome game. Definitely going to be making a return trip to seem them play again. Also, it was a lot cheaper than football!!


melanie said...

wow you guys were way up there! i'm glad you had a good time. we've been thinking about going to a loyola game sometime.

Sherilyn said...

We decided to do nose bleed seats so the kids could move around.

Mark said...

College basketball is a great atmosphere. I like to take to the boys to them each year. P.S. "It's never too young for Husker football"