Friday, January 30, 2009

God and the Wii

This was the conversation this morning as I was driving home from school drop off:

Camden: Mommy you are my life. (OK that really melted my heart.) Well, you and the Wii are my life. (At this point I'm slightly concerned.) Actually, you and daddy and the Wii are my life....and Claremarie, and Grandma Park and Grandma Holmes and Grandpa Park and Grandpa Holmes.

Me: I think you are forgetting someone very important.

Camden: God and Jesus. They are way more important than the Wii.

(Whew. At least something is sinking in besides how to conquer galaxies in Super Mario World.)


Rhonda said...

Cute story!

Ryan and Katie Horner said...

Sounds like another 4 year old I know