Saturday, January 31, 2009


As we were pulling into our driveway tonight (after being gone all day), Camden says, "Mom can I have a cocktail when we get inside?" WHAT??? He only watches a little Disney and maybe some Boomerang. Where did he hear that? His father and I don't drink cocktails. He's not really around anyone who does. I thought maybe he was thinking of cocktail shrimp and I said, "Do you mean something to eat or drink?" To which he replied, "Oh, something to drink."

I think I just answered my own question......Be worried, very worried!!


melanie said...

where does he come up with this stuff? that is hilarious. i told you he was smart--maybe TOO smart!

Robyn said...

Seems like that's something that smarty pants could pick up out of the airwaves...even at the store or someplace public. Smart kids are like that, they just hear stuff that other kids totally miss. I agree--TOO smart!