Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Is is wrong to be so happy about replacing all the pillows in my house for $28.00? That means I got 8 pillows (regularly $9.99) for $4.99 a piece and on top of that was a 30% discount. Usually I don't seem to ever get in on the good bargains but this seems like a good deal to me. If it is not one don't tell me. I'd rather live in blissful ignorance.


melanie said...

bill and i just splurged on $20 (apiece) but they are the greatest pillows i have ever had. congratulations on a fabulous deal.

Nicole said...

that's an amazing deal! we need new pillows too but everyone here has different pillow requirements so i have not attempted it. i think rich's pillow needs to have an "unfortunate accident" before he'd consider getting a new one.

Rhonda said...

I think that sounds like a good deal. You have inspired me to go shopping for new pillows sometime soon.