Friday, February 20, 2009


When Sam was reading the book "For Men Only" he said in there it explained a woman's mind like a computer. She just keeps opening screens and applications without closing any of them. (Kind of like having e-mail, facebook, blogs, and a news source all going at once.) Sometimes he asks me what windows I have open. Well here's what is going on today:

  • Need to go to the bank.

  • Need to pay some bills.

  • Need to make a grocery run.

  • Hope the kids like the craft I'm doing.

  • How am I going to face the moms who lied to me?

  • How am I going to be kind, gentle, and good (Thanks Katie) to them?

  • Should I make bacon quiche for supper?

  • Need to make meals and deliver gifts to three moms who just had babies.

  • Need to find some time to work a few hours this weekend.

  • Why do women wear a bra and panties to work out in? Don't they know that everyone is staring at them? It looks uncomfortable and it certainly is uncomfortable to look at.

  • Why didn't I wait on the pillows? Now they are 3.99 at JCPenney.

I better shut a few of these down so I can make my little guy lunch.


Ryan and Katie Horner said...

We must have the same brain! Only my dinner plans are not quite as fancy...Pizza Machine or Spaghetti at home??

Robyn said...

Are you in my house living my life?? Praying for you!

Rhonda said...

I liked this post.