Friday, August 13, 2010


Hot or cold lunch (for your school-agers)?

What hot lunch did you absolutely have to have when you were growing up?

Favorite elementary teacher and why?

Least favorite elementary teacher and why?

When do you think school should start (date not time)?

School doesn't start until Wednesday but can you tell it's on my mind??


Sherilyn said...

1. We usually do cold lunch but if they promise to eat at least one bite of everything they can choose one or two days a month to eat hot lunch.

2. There were, pizza, and chef salads. We usually always ate cold lunch.

3. Not sure who I would pick probably my kindergarten teacher....aren't they all nice?

4. My 4th grade teacher, Mr. Backer, my first male teacher and then one day when I was giggling he asked me if I had eaten too much yellow snow. I have never forgotten that!!

5. The Wednesday after Labor Day!!

Jenny said...

1. Hot or cold...just depends on the menu selections for that day.

2. Hamburgers, which came with a little bag of french fries.

3. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Crayon (her real name!). She was African American and did a lot to teach us about respecting others' differences.

4. My sixth grade teacher, Mr. Carroll (also my first male teacher!). He always called me "Wink" to be funny. I never laughed.

5. The week before Labor Day.