Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ghost of School Years Past....

Just sitting here (by myself) thinking back to what I remember from Kindergarten and 5th grade.....

Kindergarten-Interestingly enough I remember both times Miss Hoaglund was unhappy with me (those people-pleasing tendencies sure started early).  The first time was when my best friend Lori and I tied our shoelaces together.  They were so knotted up that the teacher couldn't get them undone and so we had to stay inside for recess.  That wouldn't have been such a bad thing but my dad was the principal and her dad was a teacher at school and we were both so afraid that one or both of them would come in the room and find us so we did what any self-preserving kindergartners would do and hid in the toy shelves for the whole recess.  The 2nd time was when there were 3 or 4 of us standing in line at her desk to get help.  Evidently the child in front of me was taking a long time so I started sighing and putting my hands on my hips (thinking that would help!) and she sharply told me to be patient and wait my turn.  Those "lack of patience" tendencies also developed early!!  The only other thing I really remember about K is sitting around an old upright piano, that was in our room, and singing.  Pretty self-explanatory as music has always been a necessity for me!!

5th grade-Good old Mrs. Hohnbaum....a smallish, older woman with gray hair that was always, and I do mean every day, in a little tight bun.  She was a good teacher, in a "look over your glasses" kind of way.  This was the year that I started to notice boys.  I had my first major crush.  He had the cutest little Feenamint box that held all of his fake money.  (Does anyone remember that gum? It was advertised not to stick to your teeth if you had had dental work done!)  Not sure if I liked him or his cute little gum box more.  This was also the year that I really got in trouble from a teacher and he said if he ever saw me doing it again I would get a spanking.  (This was a big threat to me as my parents always said, "Get spanked at school-get spanked at home.  End of discussion.") What exactly was my great offense??  I kicked a boy and it was kind of close to his special area.  Evidently this teacher had "private area issues" as I think he kind of overreacted.  I was at least a good 6 inches away.  And in my defense he had kicked me first but did he get yelled at?  NO!!  (Just another injustice in the life of a first born!)

I sure hope my kids have better memories than I do or at the very least, memories that are as innocuous as these are!! 

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