Friday, August 27, 2010


1.  How do you (or would you) keep yourself awake when you have to drive 5 hours, the kids are not talking to you because they are watching a movie (and they haven't watched tv all week so there is no way you are going to get them to shut it off), and you are getting sleepy?

2.  Have you started  your Christmas shopping yet?

3.  Who wants to go on a girls weekend shopping trip to the Mall of America...with me?

4.  Best concert you ever saw (I might have already asked this once but I'm too lazy to go back and look)?

5.  Best new product you've recently tried?

Have an awesome weekend.....


Sherilyn said...

1. I don't know...that's why I'm asking you!!

2. Yes!

3. :-)

4. Excluding the 17 times I have seen Ms. Amy perform, I would have to say Billy Joel when he was on the River of Dreams tour. We saw him later too but didn't like him as much.

5. Flavored drinking straws that you stick in milk. It really helps with getting the boy child who doesn't like milk that well, to drink it!!

Rhonda said...

1. Hot Tamales and a new CD.
2. Yes
3. Yes and can I bring one of my other girlfriends?
4. Petra - This Means War tour/ Newsboys - Take me to your Leader tour/ DC Talk
5. I haven't tried any new products recently. Yes. I am in a rut.

Jenny said...

1. Rest stop, food, coffee...

2. Heavens no. Talk to me around Thanksgiving!

3. Um, hello? MAP roadtrip! And I'll be there a week from tomorrow, too!

4. Also Billy Joel when he came to Omaha a couple of years ago. We also saw him w/ Elton John back in the 90's but that was not nearly as good.

5. Angel Eyes tear stain remover for white-haired dogs...worked like a charm! (Let me clarify, I tried it for my dog, not on myself!)

Have a good weekend yourself, friend!

Jennifer C said...

1. Coffee and more coffee. :)
2. Not even close...I have to get through 3 of my kids b-day's first. :)
3. I would love too...I wish I wasn't 15 hours away!!
4. Shania Twain in Omaha...Galen took me for my b-day and she was fantastic! But my goal before I die is to see Billy Joel. ;)
5. Falsies is amazing.

Nicole Crawford said...

1. I have a "Big List" of favorite songs on my iPod that I listen to with one headphone in and sing along - with great enthusiasm.

2. NO! Please don't scare me with questions like that.

3. Definitely MAPS road trip!

4. Harry Connick Jr. in New York
but I too enjoyed Billy Joel.

5. Fine Sharpie Pen that doesn't bleed through paper. Must also add my new favorite fruit: plumogranate.

Thanks for the studying distraction. Back to work...

The Millers said...

1. Call someone on my cell if there is signal, if not crank up MY music instead of a kid CD.
2. Have to! 8 family birthdays in December already, so you have to have a game plan!
3. Just let me line up a sitter!!
4. Straight No Chaser in Tampa
5. Del Sol color changing nail color