Sunday, August 8, 2010


A person can really get addicted to crushed ice and bendy straws!

I like bacon......a lot!!

All hotels should have curved shower bars!

Most of the people I saw receiving treatment/having surgery there were skinny?!

All hotels should be able to clean the crumbs off of the desk daily!!

It really works much better if the people who are wanting to get on an elevator wait for the people who are getting off to exit first!

I really like fact I think it is my new favorite food! I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate it into every meal!

Valerie Bertinelli is a big liberal.....HUGE!

There are no subways in the subway level of the hospital.......oh wait, that's what my sister learned not me!!

It takes about 1 hour to completely read a People magazine.

The old King of Jordan who died (sorry...can't remember his name) donated a really neat, mother of pearl case with the nativity carved on the front of it, which is displayed at the Mayo clinic.

If you sniff an alcohol pad it helps fight nausea.

There are some really caring people in this world (mainly nurses!)!

Did I mention how much I love bacon?

I know, I know.....DEEP!! :-)


Rhonda said...

I agree about the bacon, but I haven't had it for a whole week.

Kristina Grothen said...

And I thought the elevator problem was just in China....

Angela said...

I had no idea that Valerie Bertinelli was a big liberal.

If you love bacon as much as I do then you'll LOVE the bacon at Granite City's Sunday Brunch. Now THAT is some good bacon!!!