Friday, May 6, 2011

5 QUESTION FRIDAY-Mother's Day Edition

1.  Mother's Day.....a chance to really be extra special nice to your mom or a made up holiday??

2.  Breakfast in bed.....a nice idea but pretty impractical or something you have to do on Mother's Day?

3.  Who is your all-time favorite television mom?

4.  Mother's Day or homemade?

5.  Rank the following mother's day gifts from best to least desired (by you):  flowers, jewelry, time alone, chocolate.  (Feel free to add your own favorite!).

Happy Mother's Day to all my female readers and have a great weekend everybody!


Sam said...

1.A chance to be really nice to your Mom and Wife. My only regret is it is only one day!

2. Ever since the waffle iron incident.. it has been frowned upon in our house. I guess it turns out you don't make it in bed just serve it in bed.

3. Favorite is Mrs C. on Happy Days. Least favorite is Ray's mom on Everybody loves Raymond.

4. We usually do both. Sometimes the store bought ones are just so pretty or just say it so well, they are hard to pass up.

5. Don't feel qualified to answer this one.


Jane said...

1. Probably a made up holiday but one that is deserved. Sort of like teacher recognition day. You do all the things you do because you love or care about the people you are doing them for but it is really nice to have someone notice once in a while.

2. I would think a breakfast at the table that you didn't prepare with everyone in attendance and getting along and being polite to one another would be better. Then you could go do whatever you wanted just for fun, because someone else was going to clean up and figure out lunch, and do laundry or whatever would be much better than breakfast in bed. But then I am a sloppy eater and breakfast in bed isn't always so easy.
3. TV moms just have trouble being real. I think the worst ones are the ones on Desperate Housewives. They are only worried about themselves and getting even. Real moms think of their kids and families much before their friends and how to get even with someone.

4. I always bought my mom's cards as I have no artistic ability. One of my friends makes her cards from photos she takes so they are personal and very nice.

5. I am not a mother but my mom loved getting her spring flowers. It didn't matter if we each one gave her a hanging basket she loved it.

Angie said...

1. I am somewhere in between on this. By the time you do something for your own mother and mother-in-law who has time for yourself?

2. Impractical - only works well on tv.

3. Claire Huxtable My favorite quote "I have half a mind to walk into that room and shake that child"

4. Store but I am becoming increasing frustrated by the rising cost. $4.99 for a card?

5. Card, flowers, jewelry