Thursday, May 12, 2011


This morning I had the displeasure of reading the following article that has left my skin crawling:  "Scientists Discover Bedbugs carrying the MRSA Germ".        Ewww!  I don't know about you but those little bugs scare me.  For the last few years I have been paranoid anytime we go anywhere and stay in a motel that we will bring them home with us.  Yes....I always do check our rooms before we bring our stuff in but you never know where those little nasty creatures are hiding.  I thought I was being pretty nonchalant about my room checks, trying not to pass my paranoia on to my children but the last time we walked into a motel CM yelled, "Time for a bedbug check!"  See....I am teaching my children lots of valuable life skills! 

There's also a website you can check and it tells you all the motels in the United States where bedbugs have been reported.  DON'T LOOK AT IT!  If you choose to ignore my warning and look at it you will never stay in a motel/hotel again.  (I know it is definitely complicating our choice of lodging for our vacation this summer.)

From what I've read about them once you get them they are very hard to get rid of.  I've always comforted myself the following mantra, "It will be ok even if we do get bedbugs.  Sure the bites will be irritating and it will be hard to get rid of them but they won't kill us."  It turns out I may be wrong about that.  Now not only are they disgusting they may even be life threatening!! 

Bedbugs were virtually eradicated in North America in the 1940's but are now making a comeback and seem to be immune to most treatments.  That is not good news.  I'm sure there is something that can kill them but it is probably illegal now because it is bad for the environment.  I say bring on the good stuff and let's get these things under control!!  

Sorry I had to bring this subject up but if I have to itch all day I want company!!

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