Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There are many things I could discuss here today but I guess I'll explore the following topic:

WHY is my son obsessed with former Nebraska football coach Bill Callahan??
Bill Callahan Pictures

Sunday night as we were driving home from our weekend trip we were playing 20 questions.  They had the following info about my person:  male, older than me, a politician.  Who would you guess?  Camden yells out, "Bill Callahan".  (The answer was Barack Obama if you were curious.) 

Earlier this year I chaperoned the Kindergarten field trip to a museum in Lincoln.  There was a bust of a man's head and I heard one of Camden's classmates ask him if he knew who that was.  Camden said, "Oh I know who that is.  That's Bill Callahan."  (It was a bust of Charles Darwin if you were curious.)

One day we were driving in the car and I was listening to a talk radio program.  Camden asked me who was talking and I said, "Who do you think it is?"  He said, "Oh, I know who this is.  It's Bill Callahan."  (It was Rush if you were curious.)

Another day someone rings the doorbell here.  Out loud I said to myself, "I wonder who that could be."  Camden said, (You may have already guessed!) "I bet it is Bill Callahan." 

These are just a few examples of this weird phenomenon...there have been many others!!

Bill Callahan.....the man who single-handedly almost caused Sam (and most grown men and some women in the state of Nebraska) to have a nervous breakdown in 2007.  This is a person who is persona non grata around here.  Sure we talked about him plenty in 2007.  Well maybe talked isn't the right word.  We yelled, screamed, cried often during that season and I'm sure his name was mentioned but Camden was only 3 then.  I don't think we have even uttered his name since then so we aren't sure why this man is Camden's "go to guy" as an answer to almost every question. 

This is one of those moments where I wish I knew exactly who Camden thinks Bill Callahan is.  Evidently  he's the most powerful man in the world, with a bust in Morrill Hall, who also has his own radio talk show but who still has time to stop by occasionally!


Rhonda said...

I'm guessing he must have heard that name a lot the year he was three and it is now stuck in his sub conscious. But you are the psychology major. ha ha :-)

Angie said...

Madison went through a stage where everything was about Oklahoma. We never did figure out where it came from or why. But she did eventually give it up :)