Thursday, June 30, 2011


photo by willow2us
 I can't get enough of The Waltons right now......

Thanks to cable TV, specifically GMC, HALLMARK, and INSP, if you time it right you can watch it from 12pm-8pm daily.  In between those times I have a couple of seasons on DVD that I can pop in if I get to "jonesing" for it too bad. 

Unfortunately I am unable to sit around and watch the show from 12-8pm daily as things like children, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and work get in the way but when I have the TV on it is usually tuned in.  Who doesn't love to see John Boy first fall in love, or Grandpa sneak the recipe when Grandma isn't looking, or Mama recovering from polio, or Mary Ellen defending Jim Bob when he had to wear a girl's shirt to school?  It wasn't all paradise on Walton's mountain that's for sure, but it is sure nice to see people treating each other with kindness and respect, helping each other, settling their differences in a civil way; parents in charge of their household firmly disciplining their child when needed yet always loving them-a family who always stuck together. 

No I haven't lost my grip on reality (yet)....I realize these are fictional characters.  I guess I'm craving more of what they represent than anything...values, character, and most of all faith.

Sometimes life just gets a little discouraging and this is one of those times.  Between the death of loved ones, the flooding, the worries about the nuclear plants and just a general unease about the culture of the world we live in, The Walton clan provides a welcome diversion.

It did this mama's heart good last night when, after bedtime prayers and stories and they were all tucked in, thinking no parents were listening, I heard the following exchange:

Claremarie:  Good Night Camden
Camden:      Good Night Claremarie
Claremarie:  I love you
Camden:      I love you too
Good night John Boy

Check in tomorrow.....after a brief hiatus Five Question Friday returns!


Jane said...

Good night Sherilyn. I love you. We used to do that at night too. Our bedrooms were separated by a room that was a walk-in-closet and we would say goodnight like they did on the Waltons. It was one of my Moms favorite shows.

Rhonda said...

I've really been enjoying the Waltons lately, too. They don't make them like they used to. The shows are just a wonderful portrayal of positive family values!