Friday, July 15, 2011


1.  Women's World Cup Soccer......will you be watching on Sunday or not?

2.  If you were shopping in Menards and saw a 1 gallon jar of whole dill pickles for $2.98 would you buy them?

3.  What is something that seems to come easily for other people that you wish you could do?

4.  What is your favorite appetizer that you get at a restaurant?

5.  If you could hire somebody to do something for you for a week, what would you pick?

Have a great weekend friends!


Rhonda said...

1. I hope to, but it depends on the time.
2. No.
3. Talk in a soft voice.
4. Toss up between Chili's chips and salsa and cheese fries at Outback.
5. Toss up between a personal chef or a cleaning person.

Jenny said...

1. No
2. Definitely not, for the same reason I wouldn't buy a hammer at Hy-Vee
3. athletics
4. Bean dip at Fernando's
5. Personal chef

Sherilyn said...

1. If we are home we will be.
2. If I liked pickles perhaps.
3. Diving into the pool
4. Outback's cheese fries
5. Cook and clean up kitchen afterwards!

Sam said...

1. want to as long as it doesn't interfere with nap time. GO USA!

2. Absolutely! and thankfully many people were before leaving on Friday afternoon.

3. hip hop dance

4. Outback cheese fries or cocktail shrimp at Red Lobster

5. the chef idea sounds nice