Friday, July 29, 2011


School supply shopping and a birthday party for a young man are the inspiration today......

1.  When school shopping time comes around do you stick with buying the cheapest crayons and markers or does Crayola get you every time?

2.  What would you estimate you spend on school supplies each year?

3.  What is the best place you have ever had a party for your child?

4.  Homemade birthday cake or store bought cake?

5.  Trick candles or regular candles?

Time to decorate a cake and wrap some presents....Happy Friday!


Sherilyn said...

1. I try to buy the bargains but crayola calls my name.
2. So far I've spent about $60 years.
3. We did the zoo this year and it wasn't too bad. CM always remembers her party at PE 101.
4. Homemade
5. Depends on the recipient! :-)

These questions have not been too popular today!

Sam said...

1. Crayola

2. $500

3. Disneyworld

4. Sherilyn's homemade

5. believe it or not regular. not a big fan of trick candles

Andrea said...

1. I am a Crayola crayon snob. Must have Crayola!

2. Probably about $30 for Libby this year, but I'm making her re-use her backpack and lunch box.

3. We've only had our parties at home so far. Thinking I might branch out next year for Libby.

4. Homemade cake!

5. Regular candles -- I had a terrible experience as a child when my parents used trick candles. I cried and cried because I couldn't get the candles to blow out. Don't do that to your child, people!!! ;)