Friday, August 19, 2011


Very random this week.......

1.  What college football team are you following this year?
2.  What is the biggest hail you have ever seen (in person)?
3.  What is on your to-do list this weekend?
4.  What is left on your summer to-do list?
5.  What is your favorite pizza topping?

Have a good weekend!!


Sherilyn said...

1. Nebraska of course!!
2. In person I have never seen hail bigger than golf balls.
3. Laundry, laundry and more laundry
4. Camping in the backyard
5. Canadian bacon (no pineapple)

Rhonda said...

1. Nebraska
2. Not quite golfball size.
3. Head back to Lincoln and prepare to return to work.
4. Nothing.
5. Italian Sausage or Meat Lover's.

sotawalkers said...

1. Nebraska and only Nebraska.
2. Baseball. Broke our slide. : (
3. Paperwork. Mowing.
4. Boating, buying school supplies.
5. Mushroom and Onion.

Sam said...

1. Big Ten Champion Nebraska Cornhuskers

2. marble

3. worked

4. Amusement park, fishing and camping in the backyard

5. hamburger and mushroom