Friday, August 5, 2011


It has been a quiet week around here as the kids have been out at my parent's all week going to Pandamania VBS with Grandma.  So in honor of that, the following questions!

1.  Do you think it is unrealistic to expect Grandparents to follow some basic guidelines or do you think what happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's.

2.  After kids have been at their Grandparent's, what do you think is the average time it takes to retrain and detox them?

3.  What is the most fun thing you remember doing with your Grandparents?

4.  What is the most fun thing your parents have done with your kids?

5.  What finally makes a Grandparent say no??

Happy Weekend!


Sherilyn said...

1. No....I think basic guidelines make it more pleasant for all!
2. The fastest I've ever gotten it done is one week.
3. We didn't do a lot but I always remember fondly any time I ever got to spend with them one on one.
4. They join in whatever the kids are doing and do their best to keep up!!
5. I haven't heard them say that yet....if you figure it out let me know!!

Jerryl Rowse said...

Not being a grandparent, or even a parent, I'm not an expert on the subject. But I have such great memories of my grandparents and you've made me think of that. My grandparents didn't hesitate to say no, and definitely had rules but it was different than home. And some things were definitely what ever happened at Granddad's, stayed at Granddad's. They didn't worry about "fun" - or maybe picking strawberries all day was supposed to be fun. They never considered that they were there to entertain us but they just loved us.

Nicole Crawford said...

1. I expected it when they were younger but now I try and let things go - especially at my mother-in-law's house.

2. 3-5 days minimum

3. Anything with Grandma Brechbill. She always had things for us to do or places to go. She even let me try coffee! Very easy breezy and rule free.

4. They like doing anything with my parents. Something specific would be fishing with my Dad.

5. Doesn't that go against the grandparent code? Besides, that's what parents are for.

sotawalkers said...

Sorry, you will have to count us out for this one.