Friday, August 12, 2011


Just trying to keep our heads above water around here until school starts.  Since we are not busy enough we decided to sneak in a quick camping trip this weekend.  ( read that + camping.  I think I can hear the sounds of jaws hitting tables all over the Midwest!)

1.  Tent, RV or cabin?

2.  Hamburgers or hot dog?

3.  Shower while camping or go without?

4.  Hiking or biking?

5.  Fishing or swimming?

Have a great weekend!


Rhonda said...

1. Cabin
2. Hot dog
3. Shower
4. Hiking
5. swimming

The Farmer's Wife said...

1. We have done them all, but a camper is probably my favorite.
2. Ummm both
3. Shower
4. Kids like to bike
5. both