Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Do you need a vacation from all of my China posts? :-) How about some kid odds and ends?

We are pretty proud of sweet Claremarie around here. She got picked to go to the district speech contest and got a Superior rating on her poem. She did excellent...only got marked down for nervously playing with her skirt a little bit. It was awesome!!

Conversation overheard between Camden and Grandma Holmes.

Camden: Grandma, did you know that you have 3 eyeballs?
Grandma: No, I didn't know that Camden? Where is my 3rd eyeball?
Camden: Oh it is on your uvula.
(For those of you wondering...that is the little hangy down thing in your throat!)
Grandma: When I eat won't I get food on it?
Camden: That's why you have to drink water while you are eating to keep it clean.

Thanks Camden...we didn't know that!

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