Friday, April 23, 2010


Sometimes Chinese doesn't translate very well in English as evidenced by the following signs. I got such a kick out of these...hope you do too!!
This one sounds about right.

"Mind Your Step"

Have you ever been to a 4 star rated toilet? Neither have was 2 stars at best!!

or how about the following menu description

"The Nutritious Sauce Hoof is Colored"

or how about this tasty delight?

"The salty pig's feet cooks the radish"

I don't know if the radish was cooked or not...did not try this!!

How about this one?

I actually really like their translation on this one. I will be using this one again!

Anyone need a sucker (straw)?

and no outing would be complete without a hamburger and some cooked rice!

And finally my all time favorite!!
Isn't this the nicest keep off the grass sign you've ever read?

"The Grass is Smiling at you. Please Detour"


Debbie said...

Those were hilarious!

Dorothy said...

We have enjoyed reading about your trip to China. I especially liked the pictures of the signs.