Thursday, April 1, 2010


One thing that has been somewhat disappointing to me is the lack of recognition my Nebraska gear has been garnering from the Chinese or even the Americans I see. Yesterday at Tianamen Square I did get a lot of looks and I could tell people were reading my t-shirt (although my cousin, Kristina, would say it was because I was wearing crop jeans 2 months before the Chinese would ever think about it...they don't take their long johns off until May).

Anyway, today we went to the Great Wall. (Totally awesome by the by!) I made Kristina wear her NE shirt because she still is from Nebraska even if she is an ex pat. I told her that if anyone from Nebraska was there they would be wearing their gear. Being from a country of 1.3 billion she was somewhat skeptical that we would even see any Americans much less someone from NE.
We had just pulled up and stepped out of our car when I spotted someone wearing red. I knew right away that he was from NE. He saw my shirt too and we started waving at each other. After exchanging the typical hometown info (he was from O'Neill now an ex pat in Hong Kong), we took a few pictures.

As we walked away I was giddy with the excitement that only comes when you have been proven to be right about something, leaving my cousin to shake her head in disbelief. Then, as we stood at the ticket counter, I heard someone yell, "Hey, are you from Lincoln?" I turned around and there were 4 more people all decked out in their Husker finery!! It was so awesome and unexpected. It made my day (as if seeing the Great Wall were not enough!)!

Even in a country of a billion people, the state of 1.3 million represents well!!
Go Big Red!!


Rhonda said...

There is no place like Nebraska.... or true Husker fans on the Great Wall in China. Love it! GO BIG RED! And, I for one, am glad you talked Kristina into wearing her NE shirt.

Sam said...

Wow, what a great story. I am suprised Kristina had a Nebraska shirt. Didn't she have to borrow one of ours to go watch a Nebraska game in Minnesota?