Thursday, April 8, 2010


I brought a lot of stuff home from China and if I could have fit this guy in my suitcase I would have!!

One of the little treats on this trip was two visits to Mr. Wenfung's salon, near my cousin's apartment, for foot rubs. The process went like this: First our feet were placed in very hot buckets of tea to soak for awhile. While they were soaking, the foot rubber (not sure of the official term) gave us a wonderful upper back and neck massage (no disrobing needed!! :-). Then they started on the feet. I'm not going to some points in the process they rubbed the foot so hard it was painful...but it was a good pain! The best thing about the foot rub is that it cost less than $5!

So, Mr. Wenfung, hurry, the people of America need you!!

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Angela said...

I had to take a deep breath reading that post. The whole thing sounds divine!