Thursday, April 15, 2010


We met this little guy while we were walking on the street on a Saturday morning. He was on a break from school (they go to school 6 or 7 days a week). We could tell he wanted to try his English out on us. He spoke some English and Kristina spoke some Chinese to him as well and then she asked him, "Has anyone ever given you an English name?" He said no and so she proceeded to say, "I think you look like a Tim." He smiled and she showed him how to write it out. Chinese names don't really translate to English so they get an English name (if they want one) by people just giving them one. In this case his Chinese name had some of the same sounds in it as Tim. He was as happy as he could be. Kristina said he'll remember that forever! We were thinking later we should have named him Sam! (You will notice in many of the pictures how much they love to make the peace sign)
Isn't that a sweet story?!! My kids loved hearing about Tim!

Tim was about the only kid of his age we saw who was not in a group of uniformed school children. We saw a lot of little kids and college-aged kids at the many places we visited but no 6-17 year olds. I think that is probably because most of them don't live at home during that time. They usually board at their schools and they go to school A LOT!

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What a cutie pie!