Friday, September 3, 2010


1.  Labor Day is an odd holiday, to me anyway.  Do you and your family have a tradition for this day/weekend?  If so what is it?

2.  CM has taken up the saxophone this year.  What instrument did/do you play?

3.  What is your favorite music-related movie? 

4.  Have you ever done any canning?  What did you can?

Have a great weekend!! 


Angela said...

1. We don't have a family tradition other than we spend time together as a family. I think we try to do that every weekend. Sometimes we go out of town, which is fun. I have a tradition on one of my blogs where I collect stories from 9/11. Would love to hear from more folks on that.

2. I played the flute from 3rd to the 12th grade. I was a drum major in Texas my senior year of high school. (Music is BIG down there but then again so is everything else?) I was supposed to major in Music at college. Here I am banging away on the keyboard. LOL

3. I love The Music Man!! I also love anything that correlated to band, half time shows during football season, and marching competitions. All are so fun.

4. I've never done any canning. This summer I got to help pickle some cucumbers. My favorite are the Vodka Pickles. Those are YUM!!!

You have a Great Weekend too.

PS. I'm gonna miss your son in Cubbies this year. I was sad when I saw that he had graduated to Sparks. It was Bittersweet. He's such a good boy!!

Jane said...

1. No tradition. When we were all at home and in 4-H we always went to the State Fair.

2. I played the flute 4-11 grade.

3. Drumline! I love that movie. I also love watching the Drum and bugle corps, not really a movie but something I love to watch. I would love to go to Denver to the big competion someday.

4. I have canned tomatoes, green beans, and peaches. One summer about 25 years ago, Mom was down for the summer with her back. I planted the garden, tended the garden, and canned the produce with Mom giving me advice from the bed. I am sure the other girls helped but I remember doing a lot of canning by myself.