Saturday, September 18, 2010


Just wanted to share a couple of cute pictures of a couple of cute NE kids today...not so interested in the game but that will come!! 

Camden wanted to wear this shirt to school yesterday.  When I asked him why he said, "Two reasons.  It shows that I have a sense of humor and it says MOM on it."  Isn't that the sweetest?!!  (If you can't read his shirt it says, "My team is so good even your mom cheers for them.")

And of course this post wouldn't be complete without a picture of my precious little Cornhusker girlie.  What a cutie!!


Rhonda said...

I thought it was great when Camden watched some of the game with us and was able to pick out some positions like center, quarterback, and running back!

Hilary said...

Hey! Thanks for the birthday wishes to Madelyn. I must admit we do miss all the hub bub surrounding the huskers and game day from when we lived in Omaha. Lots of Husker fans here as well, but definately not the same. Your kiddos are so cute and growing up way to quickly. Have a great weekend! Hilary