Wednesday, September 15, 2010


....sorry that your computer-generated automated phone calling machine called this number tonight. 

....sorry that this is a night that I am so completely frustrated!

....sorry that my husband wasn't home to answer the phone with his Chinese accent, pretending to be Domino's.

....sorry that I don't want to give you $500, $100, $50 or even $25 because you did have a pleasant voice.

....sorry that you really don't seem to understand WHY I refused your requests for money.

....sorry that my husband wasn't home tonight (2) so he could be my political sounding board instead of you. (Although he was quite ecstatic!)

....sorry that I ABSOLUTELY refuse to give any more money to a party who can muster up more dislike and vitriol for a true conservative, who is actually a member of their party, than they can a stark-raving mad lib who is on the other side!

....sorry that if you call here in the future my answer will be the same.

....sorry that I might have, kind of yelled in your ear a little.  It truly wasn't personal.

....sorry if you feel I treated you unkindly.  I was not intentionally doing that.

....and finally I'm so sorry that the conservative party is no longer that, but is instead a party of people who are so obsessed with POWER that they have absolutely NO interest in representing a conservative viewpoint!!

There I've said it.
It is off my chest.
I feel better!


Angela said...

Stop apologizing.. LOL

The republicans keep calling me asking for a donation. Boy are they barking up the wrong tree.

Conservative Principles all the way!!

Anonymous said...

Amen Sister!


The Millers said...

I'm liking the Constitution party more and more!