Friday, March 18, 2011


1.  Is it too early to wear sandals??  (We have an event tomorrow night and I would like to wear sandals.)

2.  Do you think it is lying to not answer the phone when a telemarketer calls?  (Not judging, just had a conversation about this recently and would be interested in your answer.)

3.  What's your favorite cooking/food show on TV?

4.  To pinch or not to pinch (on St. Patty's Day)....that is the question?

5.  Favorite color in the spring clothes?  (Sorry to the male readers....couldn't think of anything else.)


Sherilyn said...

1. I don't know that's why I'm asking!

2. I have tended to avoid them in the past but someone told me that I may be setting a bad example for my kids when doing that.

3. Mine is Top Chef. CM likes Chopped. Cam likes Cake Boss.

4. To pinch someone would imply that I actually cared enough about the day to participate....I don't.

5. I'm just glad that there are some pretty colors this year!

Sam said...

1. Once the snow melts, it is OK.

2. No, it's just a choice not to answer the phone. Is answering the phone in a bad chinese accent a worse example for the children?

3. Top Chef

4. not pinch. I hate being pinched especially the "Texas Tornado" or for you Sixteen Candles fans "Tune in Tokoyo"

5. Green. as in green grass. Nothing I enjoy more than taking care of the lawn. Mowing and weed eatinng, then mowing and weed eating again, and again and again. I really do enjoy the green grass and trees getting their leaves.

sotawalkers said...

1. I don't think it is too early to wear sandals as long as your toes don't get cold (or change color) before the event is over.
2. The person on the other end doesn't know you are home = no lying. I am going to use the chinese accent...very funny Sam!
3. I don't know the name but the one where the guy tries to eat very Large amounts of food. Mike knew the name. Man vs. food.
4. No pinching.
5. Mint green and pink.

Jane said...

1. No, not too early for sandals but it is too early for kids to wear them to school, especially flip-flops.

2. It is not lying at all. It is your phone. You pay for it for your convenience, not anyone else's. Not answering only says you are busy or choose not to answer the phone. Telling a lie after you answer, bad example.
3. I don't get any anymore. But I like, I think it is called, Barefoot Contessa, as she is so quiet and acts like we all have these expensive lunches with our friends.
4. NO pinching. Just pretend.
5. I love spring colors. I love the pretty pink that is out this year and I love yellow. Maybe I should go online shopping after this, as I have no yellow spring clothes. :)

Rhonda said...

1. Not too early, but might still be too cold.
2. No. It's your house.
3. Iron Chef America
4. No pinching.
5. I like all of the pastels.

Logisticus Maximus said...

1. Nope, we wear them all the time, unless we might be near fire ants!
2. I pay to have a phone, so I can choose to answer when I want to talk!
3. Food Network Cake Challenges for me, and Man vs. Food with my hubby
4. I wear green so I don't get pinched, but never pinch anyone else!
5. I have no idea about colors or fashion to have a say in that one!

Divapalooza said...

1. Nope. It's never too early if the weather is nice.

2. Nope. Not at all. Just because the phone rings doesn't mean you can answer it every single time. And if it's relevant they will leave a message and you can call the person back when you are able.

3. Drive Ins, Diners & Dives.

4. Nope. No Pinching.

5. Lime Green.

Nicole Crawford said...

1. Never! My toes were screaming to be out weeks ago (flips at home). They were finally painted and out at work this week.

2. I have never considered it lying to not answer the phone. Avoiding yes, lying no. I'm curious to hear the rationale that it's lying.

3. I like Top Chef too. For recipes, I've been watching Nigella Lawson lately.

4. Hands off policy!

5. Haven't been shopping yet but it might be nice to add something that isn't black or brown.

janny said...

1. It is too early for me, my toes would get cold.

2. You are never under an obligation to answer the phone.

3. Cake Boss

4.No pinching

5.A pretty color of blue.

Julie said...

1. Yes it is to early but then again I never wear sandles.

2. Don't answer if you don't want to

3. Rachel Ray

4. Don't pinch

5. I like all colors but I will still wear navy and red no matter what is in.