Friday, March 11, 2011


Here's the scoop....if you read this post you are required to answer!! ;-)  Happy Friday!

1.  Do you do laundry once a week or a couple of loads every day?

2.  What is the most unusual thing your child has ever woken you up for in the middle of the night?  (If you have no children feel free to substitute pets/neighbors/etc.)

3.  Favorite birthday decoration (we are getting ready to celebrate Sam's birthday this week)?

4. What is the last movie you have seen AND do you recommend it?

5.  What is the last book you have read AND do you recommend it?


Rhonda said...

1. A couple of loads throughout the week. I try not to save it all b/c that's a lot of laundry.
2. n/a
3. Balloons and streamers
4. In the theater - The Kings Speech - Yes, except for some profanity.
5. Heaven is for Real - YES! I cannot recommend that book enough.

The Farmer's Wife said...

1, Laundry...sigh....a couple loads a day AT LEAST!!
2. Emma set a gallon of milk on my stomach in the middle of the night and said "I want a cup of milk"!! And puke would be right there at the top.
3. Pinata....I think Sam would enjoy it.
4. Secretariat, I am watching it now. I love The Proposal too.
5.Right now I am reading You Matter More Than You Think for women's bible study and have started Heaven is for Real. I would recommend both of them.

Debbie said...

1. Several loads about three days a week.
2. Alex woke me up last night because he thought he heard an owl.
3. I like the Pinata.
4. Fireproof - I know we're really behind on our movies, but it was pretty good.
5. Some Christian romance, but I don't remember the name of it. It was one of those named after one of the States.

Sam said...

1. I have 31 pairs of underwear. I launder once a month. I and Sherilyn wish.

2. Claremarie once ate Terriaki Chicken Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings then got sick from the top of her bunk bed. Five foot projectile vomit and smelt nasty. Not a sweet dream.

3. Oh, I like the usual. Maybe ballons, streamers, cream puff dessert, t bone steaks, a petting zoo, a hypnotist or magician, maybe even an acrobatic show, laying by the beach and swimming in the ocean somewhere warm. Not a fan of clowns, long walks on the beach, keystone cops, and people who think they can dance but can't.

4. School of Rock. Just finished it. What an awesome movie. Jack Black should have won an Oscar or an Emmy for this performance. Great story of a self proclaimed loser rallying a group of misfit rich kids and give a rock performance to change the world.

5. The new John Grisham book the Firm. Just kidding trying to out do Debbie on her Fireproof movie. The book is called The Confession. It is very good if you like Grisham books.

Anonymous said...

1. Throughout the week as needed.
2. One of my daughters was sleep-walking and climbed on the dresser.
3. Flowers and balloons
4. Secretariat - Yes - I enjoyed it.
5. The last two books I read: Heaven is for Real
I Dared to Call Him Father (A Muslim woman's encounter with God) Yes to both!

Sherilyn said...

1. Trying to decide which is the better way. I think doing a couple of loads every day is going to work better for me.
2. There have been lots of weird things but last week I felt a tap on my shoulder at 2:30 am and Camden said, "Mom, I have the hiccups."
3. Balloons....can't have a birthday without them!
4. School of Rock....I'm not sure if recommend would be the right word. It passed the time on a night when we had absolutely nothing going on.
5. Reading Donald Rumsfeld's memoir right now. It is pretty interesting but very LONG! It's a good read if you are interested in the inner-workings of Washington D.C.

Anonymous said...

1. My sweet mommy does my laundry.
2. One time Camden woke me up in the middle of the night talking in his sleep.
3. Balloons
4. Gnomeo and Juliet....It was ok.
5. Mandie....Yes.


Walkers said...

1. A fews loads during the week, with the most done on the weekends. You must be rich Sam, Mike only has 7 pairs of underwear.
2. Jessica used to wake us up to tell us that birds were outside her window "who-ing".
3. Fun, wacky candles for cake.
4. The Proposal. Yes
5. Mike - Letters from a Skeptic. Yes
Susie - Going Rogue. Yes

Nicole Crawford said...

1. Once a week. Usually one load gets left in the washer and has to be rewashed.
2. I've got nothing. I'm sure there were things when they were younger but now it's only if they've had a bad dream or don't feel good. I think our cat wakes me up more with her hair chewing and endless pawing if she's on the wrong side of a door.
3. The cake and birthday greetings on the mirror!
4. The Town - I thought it was pretty good.
5. Young Adult book - Cold Hands, Warm Heart. It was excellent!