Monday, March 21, 2011


...are making me happy on this dreary Monday!

Isn't that a cute little spring/Easter idea?  We made this at the mom's group I am a part of. 
I know credit should be given but I don't know where the idea came from.
So if you are the inventor of this cute idea, good job!

Isn't my little solar-powered kitty cute?  I picked him up last year when I visited China. 
 Every morning he faithfully waves at me and continues to do so all day long!  Such a fun little
reminder of my trip and something that brings a smile to my face (and my cousin to my mind) every day!

Have a great week!


Jenny said...

I am impressed that the suckers have lasted this long! I finally added mine in over the weekend, and tonight I ditched them because they were sticky and gross. Yours looks so cute! Good job, crafty gal! :)

Nicole Crawford said...

I'm with Jenny. I put my suckers in at night and by morning the grass had grown back up around and stuck to them - yuck! It did stop the kids from asking to eat the suckers. Yours looks so nice.

Your kitty made me smile too.