Friday, March 25, 2011


Our third child is our perfect child. 

With CM we didn't do a good job training her to sleep or to eat.  With Cam we learned our lesson about the sleeping (he is the BEST sleeper!) but still didn't do too well with the eating part.  So we often joke that our third child would the best sleeper and the best eater EVER!! 

I'm sitting here writing this as I wait for the older C to go to sleep.  It is 12:41am.  I have to be up by 6:30am.  Unlike some around here I love to sleep (even have pajamas that say so) and I don't do so well when I have less than 6 hours. Tonight there are no sharks (yes, even in Nebraska), intruders, ghosts, Indians, or tornadoes.....she just can't sleep and she doesn't want to be the last person in the house awake (There is one way to solve that problem....GO TO SLEEP!). 

I'm sure my mom is getting a huge laugh out of this post.  She tells the story about me when I was a child not wanting to be the last one to sleep.  I guess I could see her from my bed, in the reflection of our fish tank, as she sat at the table working.  If she moved and I wasn't asleep yet I would raise quite the ruckus.  You know what they say about payback.

That brings me back to my original point (sorry I'm rambling....Did I mention I need SLEEP?)  It's probably best that our third child stay imaginary.....we don't want our dreams ruined!

This is what I'm hoping to see soon!!

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Jane said...

I remember when you were a baby and would come to our house. You would sleep with your eyes open. I guess you didn't want to miss anything. You were so cute!!!